The New School Competition

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The New School for Public Engagement Competition!

2015 Winners

Below are the winners and their creative videos for this year's competition. Congratulations!

Parsons the New School for design

Full Scholarship

Mikayla Bruder (Canada)

Partial Scholarship

Paulina Aldaba Hernandez (Mexico)

The New School for jazz and contemporary music

Full Scholarship

Nikita Semenikhin (Ukraine)

Partial Scholarship

Charles Culbert (United States)

Eugene Lang College the New School for liberal arts

Full Scholarship

Olivia Gamber (United States)

Partial Scholarship

Katie Nixdorf (Canada)

Mannes College the New School for music

Full Scholarship

Annisse Murillo (United States)

Partial Scholarship

Kamila Dotta (United States)

The New School for drama

Full Scholarship

Calvin Rezen (United States)

Partial Scholarship

Christian Cortes (United States)

High School iPad Winners


Tammy Lau (United Kingdom)


Brittany Hewitt (United States)

Eugene Lang

Delaney Collins (United States)