The New School Competition

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2014 Winners

Meet the winners of last year’s competition and watch their winning videos.

Parsons the New School for design

Full Scholarship

Daniel Levi (Israel)

Fashion was always an inherent part of who I am. I had many experiences throughout life, such as studying Architecture in high school and serving as an officer in the Israeli Military. One dream accompanied all my doings; to acquire my education at Parsons The New School for Design. Learning about The New School Competition, I soon realized that this was my one chance to fulfill my dream. Thanks to the competition, I will attend the best school there is, and benefit from a unique stepping-stone on my way to become a fashion designer.

Partial Scholarship

Kaylin Brown (CA)

I'm an 18 year old living in South Florida and a passionate believer in doing whatever it takes to achieve my dreams. For me, going to Parsons The New School has always been a dream slightly out of reach, which is why I applied for TNS competition. Winning second place has now given me the opportunity to pursue communications design and photography at Parsons in the fall, as well as the opportunity to do so in New York City! (A city filled with dreamers, how fitting.) I couldn't be more excited to open a new chapter in my life, that would have closed if not for The New School Competition; and I cannot wait to devote myself to achieving my wildest dreams and more.

The New School for jazz and contemporary music

Full Scholarship

Danielle Friedman (Israel)

I studied for two years in the Israeli conservatory in Tel Aviv where my main focus was on piano, exploring various musical genres. For me, studying in NYC is an opportunity to expand my musical and cultural influences, and the New School offers the perfect fit. I hope to evolve as a musician, an artist and to expand my knowledge and deepen my understanding of music.

Partial Scholarship

Alfie Hole (US)

Having completed an initial year at Berklee College of Music, I wanted to transfer to The New School to get closer to the heart of the New York jazz scene and learn from professional musicians within it.

As a Brit studying abroad it’s very difficult to obtain financial support and as such The New School Competition has been a huge factor in enabling me to return to study in the States.

Eugene Lang College the New School for liberal arts

Full Scholarship

Maassai Collier (US)

I am Maassai from Brooklyn, NY. I'm a female lyricist, spoken word artist and advocate for black unity and conscious Hip Hop music. I'm currently a senior at School for Classics: An Academy of Thinkers, Writers and Performers. I have a strong desire to spark enlightenment within the Black race and a revolution within Hip Hop culture. When I got the email about the competition, I thought to myself "I'm uber New School, why not give it a try?" I am extremely excited to begin my time at Lang! I plan to network, make use of the resources that The New School has to offer and maybe even begin my own collective on campus! I have no doubt that The New School's abstract, open environment will provide me with a platform to grow, create and learn.

Partial Scholarship

James Maynard (US)

My name is James, but my name is Jen. I am a transgender individual that day dreams and decides to let my dreams come true. I don't think it is too far fetched to try to change the world; I truly believe we all can. Placing in this competition has made me able to reach for my goals as a liberal, socialist, feminist, transfeminist, -ist this, -ist that - I think you get the picture. On a smaller scale, I'm a Rhode Islander who likes to walk around New York City at late hours listening to LCD Soundsystem, eating one dollar pizza. And of course, I love coffee.

Mannes College the New School for music

Full Scholarship

Ugo Clement (France)

I was born in Paris, France and began violin studies at the age of 5 in Toulouse, at the Regional Conservatory. In 2011 I obtained my "Diploma of Musical Studies" and decided to pursue studies in Paris.

I just finished studies at the Paris Regional Conservatory with Suzanne Gessner in the Performance Program where my musical activities also include ensemble and quartet playing as well as orchestra.

Partial Scholarship

Michael Spiroff (Canada)

I am from Toronto, Canada and am absolutely thrilled to be attending The New School this fall. Having composed for many years, I am pursuing a career in composition, and will study at Mannes. Being at The New School, endless opportunities to work with wonderfully talented and experienced people await. My breadth of experiences in musical theatre, accompanying, classical voice and piano, choir, and jazz saxophone have all contributed to my passion for music. I am so glad to have been chosen for second place prize, and wish all the best to everyone in the New School Community!

The New School for drama

Full Scholarship

Avon Haughton (US)

I'm from Baltimore, Maryland and am currently a senior at the Baltimore School for the Arts. I entered The New School Competition with the hope that it would help me finance my education at The New School for Drama. Winning the competition has been one of my greatest achievements thus far and participating was the most fun I've had in a while. Taking the quizzes and making my video fuelled my excitement about attending The New School and living in New York City! I'm very grateful for the opportunity and I can't wait to go to The New School!

Partial Scholarship

Jordan Cooper (US)

I am a national award winning playwright and made a critically acclaimed film debut in the award winning feature WOLF. I entered The New School Competition, without even a knowledge of acceptance, with hopes that I might get lucky and learn something. I ended up earning a spot in The New School's Class Of 2018, as well as a reward from the competition. By going to The New School For Drama, I hope to evolve and grow as an artist. I also looks forward to learning from illustrious faculty as well as the greatly talented student body.

High school ipad winner

Sergej Radovic (Serbia)

I am a student from Serbia currently studying at Ardingly College in the United Kingdom. I decided to do The New School Competition for fun as I enjoy making videos and films. Additionally, it was a great chance to show the world what I do and see if people will like it. Apart from film I am also very passionate about photography and conceptual art.